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I have answered thousands of music questions on many different music forums, many times, under the screen name of Claybricks and/or Dan. I am now offering a service to help people find lost music or locate hard to find records. If you would like for me to research your song, please click on the donation button to the left and make a $10 donation. The donation is for one song only. After completing the transaction, click on my profile and send me an email with your question. I cannot guarantee that I can answer your song question but I will do my very best.

Here's a small sample of what people have said after I have located their songs:

Just wanted to give a great big thanks for finding my song. It took less than two hours for it to be found, and we'd been searching for 15 years. Thank you so very much!


I've been searching for a song for about 22 years and I never thought I'd find it. I'd even tried on another site to no avail.

Thankyou again & again...


Once again, thanks Dan.

When it comes to the 80's you're pretty savvy.

Instrumental guitar-heavy tune played on KLOS

This one has been eating away at my sanity for over a decade

OMFG you found it! Thank you! You're my musical historian hero!


I need help finding an 80's song please... thankyou

That was it!!!

I can't believe you found it!

I am so greatful, words don't do justice to how happy I am that you've helped me finally find this song.

I have not heard this song "Drumming Man" since I was about 13 way back in 1985... It's literally been over 20 years.

I'd almost given up hope in finding this song.

Thankyou so very much, you really are the best!


Here's a song I've been looking for forever. So long, in fact, that I think it might actually be a song from the late 70's

Artist: Stingray

Song: The Man In My Shoes

That's it! Thank you, Claybricks! I really didn't think anyone would know that one. I thought it was WAY too obscure. Thanks for including the sound clip, which again confirmed that it is the right song. And thanks for finding it on eBay! Can I PayPal you a tip or something?


This thing's been drivin' me nuts for 15 years

Artist: The Darling Buds

Song: It Makes No Difference

Thank You, Thank You!


You're a God! I cannot believe you've found those first two (I figured someone would remember "The Rain"). I have been trying to find these two for a good 15 years. Nobody I know even remembers them. Thanks so much! Now I'm really dying to hear them again!


Did anybody ever call you Dan The Man, because you are the MAN! I've been looking for that song for years!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!


I Bet Nobody Can Help With This...

In the early 80's I had an album (can't remember who, or what it's called) and it had a song on it that I would really love to listen to again.

(Two Men Talking Back And Forth)

"Hey watta you doin this weekend? Oh, I'm goin down to Palm Springs. Whatta you doin? I'm gonna put the television on the Microwave and watch some 'Hot T.V.'.

Then all through the chorus it keeps repeating "Daddy's Money, Daddy's Money" in sets of 2 like that. Also, this is not the country song by "Richochet" I know of that song and this ain't it.

Well there ya go, I hope someone has the answer because I have spent hours looking all over but as I said at the begining "I bet Nobody Can Help" this was a rather obscure song.



Awesome... That's it... Offbeat and unusual but very good.


Iheard a song years ago maybe country don't know I only heard it once did not get much of it something like a guy had been drinking stayed in hotel or some place his life going down hill ,the song starts out low and builds to a peak at end he wakes up one morning walks outside lookes up into the sky and sees christ i belive I thought it was by Waylon Jennings or Crise crisetoferson but i can't find under them sorry thats the best i can do??It is not sunday mornning comming down but something like that.Would like words and who sings it solo artist

Waylon Jennings - Revelation

Dan you are the best I've seen at this I have looked for this song many years I was begening to belive I was crazy and just made it up all the people I talked to about this song said waylon never sang it thank you so very much GOD truly blessed you.



Looking for 80's/early 90's love ballad. i think the chorus go like this..
"when it hurts,(hurts).. it hurts sooo bad" and then the synth piano follows right after like this "laaa laaa laa laaaa laaaaaaaa" in a sort of down scale. and then the chorus repeats..

i think it is a male singer.

please please please help meeee!! kyaaaaa!!!

Artist: Gino Vanelli

Song: Hurts To Be In Love


thxs!! how did you know??!!! was it the synth part? amazing!!! thank you sooo wonder i couldn't find..i was singing the wrong words of the song! thxs for the link also!! now i am going to play that song alllll day!!


Hello. I remember a song from when I was young. It has a five-note main riff and I believe the chorus words are "Forever My Love" or "Forever Our Love". It is sung by a male and it sounds like a late 60's/early 70's flavor to it. Kind of a slower ballad-type song.
I really apologize in advance for being so sketchy. I have wracked my brain to try to remember more.
Any help would be most appreciated.

The Association - Never My Love {1967}


Dan....I don't know how to thank you. I have been looking for this since I was about 9. Thank you!


Trying to find the name of song/artist. Sounds like Crosby, Stills, Nash. Main chorus says "... she's a Gerogia girl" at the end.

Buffalo Springfield - Rock N' Roll Woman {1967}

"she's a joy to know"


Yes!!!! Thank you Dan. I appreciate it. -Greg


Please help me find the title and group of a song I haven't heard since 1983. I belive it was an alternative rock song. Some words of the lyrics are as follows. One part sounds like "pardon the miracle" the other parts that I do remember are "welcome to new life" "I know that your'e tired Iknow that your'e tired" I have searched the web for years. Listened to numerous songs. I can only say that it sounds like a "Peter Murphy" but as far as I know it isn't. Thanks for your help. Q

I have listened to literally 100's of songs and got close to the sound but have not found the song. I listened 80's channel on cable and flashback luches on STAR 98.7 and KROQ 106.7 and even the flashback weekends and Saturday nights. "I have not heard this song since it played on the radio in 1983".This is not that easy.Good Luck and thanks for your response so far. Q

Art In America had a song called "Art In America". The line "I Know That You're Tired" was in the song...

Original Release Date: 1983

I don't have the lyrics (will have to listen to the song) but if you change "Pardon the Miracle" to "Art In America" everything fits.

"Par-don" = "Art In",

"the Mir-a-cle" = "A-mer-i-ca"

Your lyric phrases are in the same order as these lyrics too.

Thank you "CLAYBRICKS", I have been trying to figure out the song for years. I haven't heard the song on the radio since 1983. It is amazing how the lyrics are different than they sound. Another song that was hard for me was "China" by Red Rockers. It sounds like "join Up". I only figured that one out because Richard Blade played it on a flashback weekend and said the song sounded like "join up". because of their accent.Thanks again. Q



Author: Rob

You never cease to amaze me! How and where did you find this info; how do you do it!? How ever you do it I really appreciate it. You are truly a locus of musical knowledge!

You should be proud, not only for your skills, but for the countless people that you've helped find songs that touched them and wouldn't allow them to forget. Enough so that they seeked to find "that song" in desperation. Thanks to you, now they have that special song (and all it represents to them) that they'll always remember...and that's so much more than 'just a song'.

Thanks again!!!.


Author: navy.doc
heard it on the radio today and I remember it as a kid but the title escapes me for some reason.
chorus goes like this,

ooowwooooooooo oooo ooo oooo ooo, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

sung by a male I know somewhere in it he says something about a light shining or something similar. could anyone help?


Author: Dan
Three Dog Night - Shambala

Author: navy.doc
thanks a million dan. that is it..

Author: Astrotrain
Amazing how selected ppl can figure out the song name by the sounds, let alone the sounds typed into a message.


Author: rob

I've read and noticed that many people share my opinion of your skills...

you're a music master!!!

Thanks so much!!!